Past Champions / Retired

Retired Past Champions

GCH Carova’s Handiwork of Oberon CD RN DS 

When the evaluations were done by Pat Hastings, she suggested I have a good show home for him. I explained he will go to a Performance  home as they should have my most well structured.  She replied, “Will they show him? Are they experienced ?” I told her “No show experience, so all I can do is ask .”  They embraced the sport of conformation and enjoyed a very rare ride not experienced by most newbies.  Oberon, with limited showing finished early and earned his Grand Championship Title even faster.  Oberon was my first bred Champion and he was a boy!!!! Always thought my first champion would be a girl. It is  a pleasure to co own this fantastic boy with great folks, Sharon and David Kitchens DVM.

CH I Have A Dream Of Calm Seas DS TKI CGCA “Tucker” 

Tucker shares his home with Dan and Trish Hopkins in VA. Its an honor to co own this wonderful boy and to be his breeder.  Tucker finished his championship quickly. Instead of continuing on with his GCH  we all felt that he would be happier in more active venues. He took to the dock for his dock jumping title, did more obedience classes and earned his trick dog title. He is curently playing in the agility ring and having a blast. Last year he got a new Carova brother named,” Moose”.