Carova Boys

 CH Carova  I Have A Dream of Heavenly Gifts THDN CGC  “Theo” 

Theo is loved and owned by Beth Kuoni , She enjoys doing therapy work with her boy who holds an AKC Therapy Dog Novice Title and Pet Partner Certified. Beth is new to the dog show world and has enjoyed meeting new friends and watching Theo shine in the ring. We look forward to what Theo will do in 2018 .

Theo was the pairing of GCH Harborview Under Construction OS x Carova’s Rolled Into Steadmors Helping Hands RN CGC .  Theo was placed with Beth for the purpose of doing therapy work and obedience venues. Theo developed into such an outstanding boy, that Beth was kind enough to give dog shows a try. I am so glad that she did !! Theo has been shown on a very limited basis and obtained his Championship before the age of two.  Theo is an easy dog to train and live with.   Stud inquires welcome.


 CH Carova I Have A Dream of Calm Seas “Tucker”  TKI CGCA 

Tucker is owned and loved by Dan and Trish Hopkins. Tucker loves the beach and I see Dock Jumping in his future. I also expect some Obedience titles as he is one smart boy . 2018 should be fun.

Tucker picked up a five point major while in Florida for the AKC Nationals . Kristin Lyons, you showed him beautifully !

Tucker with Kristin AKC National Week. 5 Pt major 2017

Tucker  was the pairing of GCH Harborview OS x Carova’s Rolled Into Steadmors Helping Hands RN CGC . They are new to showing and have enjoyed the social aspect of dog shows. Dan has taken handling classes and improved so much that he won Best in Show at a Fun Match in Virginia Beach , VA. Tucker has been shown on a very limited basis and only needs 4 points to finish his AKC Championship.  Tucker is an                                                             easy dog to train and live with. Dan is looking forward to working  Dock Dogs with him when he turns two years old.

Stud dog package available on request.

Carova Olympian Gymnast Chris Brooks  ” Dakota

( One Major away from having his Championship !)

Dakota is a very special boy. He is loved and resides with  Nancy Corliss and her husband Jim.  Kay Meyer gave Dakota his beautiful show name and early beginnings.  Both ladies are enjoying his show dog adventures. We look forward to his future.  Nancy is also new to showing dogs.

Dakota is a repeat breeding in 2017 of  GCH Harborview Under Construction OS   x Carova’s Rolled Into Steadmors Helping Hands RN CGC.  Dakota has just started his journey. He attended the 2017 AKC National pre shows in Florida,  and won second place in his class every day !! What a start. He just loved the red ribbons! Kay has put into his head that maybe in 2018 he can go for the blue ! Nancy Corliss , you are going to have some fun !!!

Update:  2018 Well, Dakota took off with a bang. He is only two majors away from his CH.

Nancy enjoying the AKC National Pre -Shows in Florida with Dakota. 2017

04/29/2018 News Flash! Dakota took WD three our of the four days and a BOW while showing in WV. The fourth day he took Reserve. Thank you Kristin Lyons for presenting him so beautifully!

01/27/2018 NEWS!  Little Junior Handler Hope Matkins grew up and had her first Professional Handling gig today. She came out of the gates a blazing with Carova Olympian Gymnast Chris Brooks, “Dakota”.  Thank you Hope for showing him so beautifully . Dakota picked up WD and BOW for two points out of the 12-18 month puppy class. We look forward to watching Dakota shine this year.

Carova Firehouse Theater Presents Max- A- Million    UPdate coming soon !

Carova Offspring

GCH Carova’s Handiwork of Oberon CD RN DS DJ  x  GCH Victory’s My Wave of the Highway  had a beautiful family. This is the one and only , limited edition litter from  my sweet Oberon.

This is Ruger and he resides with Howard and Teresa Joyner.  Ruger is littermate to my Titania.  They live and are  showing on the East Coast while the remainder of litter lives and showing  on the West Coast.  The boys from coast to coast are doing great. Titania, is growing up and we hope to start her showing in a few months.

Oberon x Diva son  “Ruger”