Retired From Breeding Program




Carova I have A Dream I’m Magic Molly Carpenter TKI  CGC ” Molly”Construction OS  x Carova’s Rolled Into Steadmors Helping Hands RN CGC .  Molly was major pointed and had to retire from AKC conformation events when she ran into trouble with a large litter she was carrying and was spayed.  We are so happy to have her two litters that have brought so much joy to so many families.  We look forward to watching her shine in other venues.  




Carova Olympian Gymnast Olga Korbut  “Skye” RN TKA CGCA

Skye was retired from AKC conformation events due to an emergency spay. We are so very grateful to have her two litters. We look forward to watching her shine in other venues.  Thank

Skye is a repeat breeding in 2017 of  GCH Harborview Under Construction OS x Carova’s Rolled Into Steadmors Helping Hands RN CGC.  Skye started her journey with a bang by going Best of Opposite  Puppy in Sweeps at the Gunpowder River Golden Retriever Club Specilaty ( 04-21-2017).  Her owners had no idea how big of a deal this placement was.  Even the judge, Sandra L. Novocin, had to point out to Karen what an accomplishment this was for a young puppy ( 6-9 months class)  A very fun day and experience for the show dog newbies. Karen showed her own dog, (first time in the ring) and achieved success.  Skye is also working on her obedience titles


Kristin Lyons with Skye at the 2017 GRCA National. Skye was 2nd place out of a very big puppy class !

News ! On September 27th,at the 2017 Golden Retriever Club Of America National Specialty she shined yet again. Skye placed 2nd out of 28 puppies in her 12-15 month puppy class! This was incredible ! This time, her owners were very much aware of the bragging rights with this placement. Kristin Lyons made it look effortless and we thank her with all of our heart.  The sky is the limit for this outstanding puppy, and 2018 is going to be fun !

Skye took some time off to become a mom . She will return to showing in 2020




When the evaluations were done by Pat Hastings, she suggested I have a good show home for him. I explained he will go to a Performance  home as they should have my most well structured.  She replied, “Will they show him? Are they experienced ?” I told her “No show experience so all I could do was ask. Sharon and David exceeded my expectations and I will be forever grateful. 

Oberon finished with limited showing and earned his Grand Championship Title even faster.  Oberon was my first bred Champion and he was a boy!   Always thought my first champion would be a girl .  Oberon  had one litter and we are so blessed to have his daughter Titania in our family.  Oberon currently has two champions out of that litter and we hope Titania will be his third. She is major pointed and hopefully once  Covid settles shows will open up soon.  Oberon was neutered due to retrograde ejaculation.  Oberon holds a very special place in my heart. 



In  order to move forward in a breeding program , you have to know where it began. Below is information and health clearance links for  Trixie , Gabby and our foundation girl “Opal”.

Thank you Trixie and Gabby  for your part in the Carova Breeding Program. We will now pass the torch to your children.  Trixie and Gabby remain part of our family and are not available for placement.



Gabby , like her mom Trixie and Grandma Opal have given so much to the Carova breeding program.  She gave us two beautiful litters that resulted in eleven beautiful puppies. One of those babies has become a Champion before age two with several more on the brink for 2018! Gabby lost her third litter and is now spayed. She lives a happy life with us.

 Maxx and Gabby Litter Update: May 7th , 2017.

Gabby lost her litter of four puppies during whelping on May 3,2017 and was spayed .

We are extremely grateful that she survived her surgery and she will remain  a part of our family.

We are deeply sadden at the loss of her sweet babies and have provided a poem as a tribute to these lost angels. It is written from her viewpoint.

Gabby Puppy Poem 

The rainbow bridge was crowded, just the other night.

My babies left to cross it, totally out of my sight.

I never met or nursed them, as every new mom should

I just knew that they left me and the feeling was not good.

My body is in pain and I provide milk not being used.

I understand that parts of me have even been removed.

My puppies have left me, they left daddy Maxx too,

some how I think these precious ones had bigger jobs to do.

Yes, the rainbow bridge was crowded, just the other night.

My babies left to cross it, totally out of my sight.

So, we may think we lost four angels, however, so not true.

They are at the rainbow bridge doing what golden puppies do.

Suppose there was a mom to be, that crossed the bridge that day.

Suppose she needed babies to love, nurse and to watch play.

Suppose without my babies, she would lack eternal peace,

And my four puppy angels helped her heartbreak to now cease.

Yes, the rainbow bridge was crowded, just the other night, my babies left to cross it, totally out of my sight.

I suspect it was Aunt Poppi who met them there that day,

who showed them their first tail wag, first kiss and said, “ This way”.

Yes, I think she walked them across the bridge, and will guide them as they grow.

These four sweet pups of mine, are truly loved, I know.

So my Carova Families and all my new friends too, thank you for your kindness as I didn’t know what to do.

This unpredicted whelping journey, that at first glance seems unfair and wrong,

perhaps is just a test showing we are truly Carova strong.

Each one of us in this family, is a part that makes us whole,

even the four little angles that we have all let go.

Yes, the rainbow bridge was crowded just the other night,

my babies left to cross it totally out of my sight.

They say the rainbow bridge is truly a place of bliss.

So enjoy all that it offers,  just know you are truly missed.


Momma Gabby

Gabby Information: 

Click here Click here for health clearances for Gabby recorded with OFA ( Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) 

Breeding dogs should have the required clearances for hips( final x-rays at two not bred on  “prelims before age two” , elbows and heart. Eye clearances are doneUpdate May 15th, 2018. Gabby passed her eye clearances. They have been mailed into OFA  and will take a bit of time to show. up. 

dog_seal.043408b9053c (1)


 July 2016,    Carova’s Mama Mia RN  DJ CGC  “Trixie” was a huge part of our breeding program. She produced three litters resulting in sixteen beautiful puppies. Our first Champion, Oberon,  was was from the Brydon x Trixie  breeding as well as our beautiful Gabby. Trixie resides with our family and is not available for adoption.

Trixiedog_seal.043408b9053c (1)                                                                                                                                                                                       Click here for test results from Paw Print Genetics

Click here for health clearances recorded with OFA ( Orthopedic Foundation for Animals )    Breeding dogs should have the required clearances for hips( final x-rays at two not bred on  “prelims before age two” , elbows and heart. Eye clearances are done every year.

Update : May 15th,2018 . Trixie passed her eye clearances. They were mailed in and will take a bit of time to show up on OFA web site. 


Thank you Trixie for all you have contributed  to our breeding programs.

Trixie is representing the Golden Retriever breed for the Animal Planet dog breed project.

Your beautiful daughter ( Gabby )will carry the family forward.

Trixie is not available for placement.

She will remain in our family.


Pawnee Mooving To The Music  ” Opal” 

Opal gave us three wonderful litters. She was an excellent mom even though she had to have at least one puppy outside each time she whelped a litter. She just had a way of making me think she needed a potty break when in fact, she just wanted to deliver one near a camellia tree.

opal and tucker picture

Momma Opal and Tucker

Opal now resided with the McGovern family. Shortly after she arrived to her new home, she had the opportunity to put her mothering skills to work. Her quiet days were now  filled with something  she was all to familiar with. She had pup Tucker to take care of.

Update: Momma Opal passed away on Sept. 29th, 2018 surrounded by her two moms. Mom Chris McGovern  and her daughter Ally drove Opal  home to Va.  I will forever be grateful to McGovern family for loving her and sharing her so completely with me as we co parented her over the years.  We had a lovely day together and Opal and Trixie shared mother and daughter time. Our hearts will hurt for sometime as Momma Opal was perfect in our eyes and in our hearts.  Opal made us Carova. Opal taught us through her life that we are Carova Strong!

Opal/Timber litter from 2011.






dog_seal.043408b9053c (1)

Click for test results Paw Print Genetics

Pleas click here on health clearances for Opal recorded with OFA ( Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) you will notice two heart clearances for Opal and two hip clearances.  I was new to getting clearances so did not know I needed a cardiologist exam so had to get it done over. I did both hip clearances because they were available and wanted the data.   Thank goodness for great mentors.